Monday, April 11, 2011

A Small Lesson About Online and In Stores

After this whole ordeal with choosing where to buy the book, I learned something. Online is always cheaper then in stores. When I went to the store to pick up the book, it was full price, were as online it was half that price. I asked the cashier why the price was at full and not the price stated online. She explained to me that online stores have no overhead. In other words, they don't have anyone they have to pay, unlike stores who have to pay their employees and buy the books. In addition, the store provides a convenience for you by allowing you not to wait for shipping. You can order the item in the store and get it in minutes, unlike online that makes you wait. Online also has shipping cost, which runs the price up a little bit, but not by much. It really boils down to if the customer is willing to wait. If you are not willing to wait, you pay the extra bit of cash and drive to the store. If you can wait, you order online and receive the book when it is delivered. This was the little lesson I learned when I went to purchase my book.


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