Wednesday, May 4, 2011

iMac Refresh

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As expected, a new line of iMacs was released yesterday. The new line came with two of the things rumored to come with it. There is a brand new processor, as well as the addition of thunderbolt. But wait, there is one more thing that snuck its way in! A brand new Raedon 6970 for the 27 inch top of the line iMac, a Raedon 6770 for the bottom 27 inch and top 21.5 inch, and a 6750 for the low end 21.5 inch. This graphics boost is a much needed, and much welcomed, addition to the iMac family.

In addition, the brand new Sandy Bridge chipset has been added as the processor. These processors are up to 3x faster that the core 2 duo that was in the previous iMacs. Plus, they come with turbo boost 2.0, which allows the computer to change the clock speed of the CPU when needed to as to boost performance. Theses CPUs bring a much needed boost to the desktop line, putting them on par with the new line of Macbooks.

And finally, there is the addition of not one, but two Thunderbolt I/O ports. This will not only give you the option to hook up tons of extra space if you want to, but you can also have a three way display done through the mini DVI ports. That means you could purchase a 27 inch iMac, two 27 inch mini DVI LCD screens, and hook them up to have one giant screen. That would be great for gaming, as well as video editing.

That two refreshes down for Apple, but there is one product that is hiding. One product that has not been refreshed yet. That is the Mac Pro. It will be interesting to see how long it is until the Mac Pro is refreshed.


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