Thursday, May 26, 2011

Watch Out fo MacDefender

When it comes to malware, I am usually very careful. However, I know that some of you out there use Macs. As a Mac user you tend to get the "I will never get a malware" mentality. Well that is not all true. While there is malware for Mac out there, the one you must be the most careful for at the moment is MacDefender. The malware, which doesn't look like malware, is something that can only be acquired if the user downloads it. This means you better stop downloading useless programs off the internet if you don't know what they do. MacDefender poses itself as a firewall application, meant to protect you from Trojans and other Mac virus. However, in reality it is a Trojan. You will want to remove it as quickly as possible if you have acquired it. Things to help protect yourself from this Trojan are turning off "automatically open save downloads" on Safari (if you use Safari), watch what you download, and try not to download that much.


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