Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Best Twitter Application: Windows

We have already gone through the best Twitter applications for Mac and Linux, now it is time to talk about Windows. There are many choices out there, and I have not used all of them. However, I found that the best one, or at least the one I preferred most, was TweetDeck. TweetDeck boasts many great features such as multiple accounts, watching youtube videos in TweetDeck,  and the ability to navigate through the application with your keyboard. Also, you have the ability to not only link multiple twitter accounts, but also other social networking accounts such as Facebook or Google Buzz. Another neat features is the ability to view webpages in TweetDeck by previewing them. This application takes the necessary and adds so much more. It keeps with the basic twitter formula, and adds some great additions. This is for what I would call the standard user, someone who doesn't want too much or too little. There are lighter twitter applications for Windows such as Seesmic For WindowsDestroyTwitter, and Blu. Windows offers many more choices then than Mac and Linux, but the sheer amount is overwhelming. You have to know where to look ;).


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