Friday, November 26, 2010

The Sale Have Begun

Today marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Many stores are slashing their prices to get buyers to spend their money. I personally don't go out, but stay home and look for the online deals. Best Buy has some really good prices, especially hard drives. I bought a 1 TB (terabyte) Caviar Black HDD for almost have the normal price. Then there is Xbox Live putting out some nice deals, I went and purchased Splosion Man because the price was so good. I was disappointed to say the least with the deals that came from NeweggApple, and Mircrocenter, I was expecting lower prices from them. Tiger Direct on the other hand has some pretty decent deals, although I am not purchasing anything from them at this time. I checked Games For Windows Live, but they seem to have no sales going. GameStop is running some great deals, so make sure to go check that out. Last, but not least, is Steam, which is giving some amazing deals on games. All these deals are great, but I almost forgot there will be more on Cyber Monday! This Monday, the one following Black Friday, is known as Cyber Monday where many of the great online sales happen. So, although many of these stores have Black Friday deals, they may have some better deals on Monday. That is not to say you should not buy what you want now.


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