Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rule The Empire for 10¢

Today's daily deal over at Games For Windows Live is Age of Empires III....for 10¢. Yup, that is correct, only 10¢.  The game usually sells for $40, but as long as you download through the Windows Live Game Client, you can get it for 10¢. Don't download from the website or you won't get the discount. Age of Empires III, for those who don't know, is a real time strategy game made by Ensemble Studios. Real Time Strategy is when both players work on their teams at the same time, and have to strategize in real time to what may be coming. Although it is not on Steam, it does give  you a reason to start paying attention to GFWL. The holidays are coming, and I hope both services starts slashing prices on some good games. The more they compete, the more we save and get some great games in the process.


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