Monday, November 15, 2010

Games For Windows Live: Update!

As of today Games for Windows Live has gone under some major renovations. The site now has a brand spanking new market place, along with a few new games. Also, there have been some changes made to the code behind the scene so voice chat will sound much better. There are also some minor improvements. One major improvement to note is the 5x5 Live Access Keys. Here is how it is put by Microsoft:
        Per-Title 5x5 LIVE Access keys
o   Per-Title 5x5 LIVE Access keys are tied to a specific game, but not a specific PC or LIVE Account.  Prevents keys from being shared between GFWL titles but allows more than one Gamertag to play the game on your PC
o   New GFWL Enabled Games will either use Per-Title 5x5 or SSA (Server Side Activation) for LIVE Access Keys as decided by the game’s publisher.  Previously released GFWL titles and keys will still function as they currently do.
o   Activation limits for Per-Title 5x5 keys are the same as previous non-SSA GFWL titles.
Whether or not this is good is yet to be seen. This overhaul was not as big as I was hoping it to be, I was hoping for a major overhaul that would allow GFWL (Games for Windows Live) to compete with Steam. Plus, as of right now GFWL does not seem to be preparing for the holidays. I was hoping they would add many games to their library so they would have a wider selection.

There are two things you should note when updating. First of all, my update came through Halo 2 when I booted into that. I then restarted my computer just in case. Second, after the restart my GFWL client stopped working, it would not start up. I had to go to the website and re-download the client to fix this matter.


P.S - This update was late due to the fact of the GFWL Update. I announced via Twitter that this would be late. Make sure to follow me on Twitter (link to the right on the sidebar) to keep up with all the information!

P.P.S - As a heads up, tomorrows update will also be late. It will be related to the new iTunes news coming out of Apple.

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