Saturday, August 28, 2010

They're like tentacles!

Those of you working with desktop computers can know how frustrating it is to have wires everywhere. Behind your computer, in your computer (if you built it), behind your desk, it can get very messy and hard to deal with. Not only does it make clutter, it also prevents airflow. This is bad, especially inside your case and on the back side of your case. Here are some tips on ways to make your wire management better.
  1. 1. Label all your wires by wrapping a little piece of tape around them like a tag.
  2. 2. Bunch all the wires in the back of your case/leading to your monitor by tying them up with velcro straps or zip ties.
  3. 3. If you have a bigger case, and it support wire management, wire all your wires through the back of your case. You can use 1x1 base mounts with adhesive backing to create areas for zip ties to go. Use the zip ties to fasten down the wires in those areas.
I hope these tips help some of you struggling with wire management. You can also search YouTube for tutorials.

Leave a comment showing your cable management!


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  1. Dave- Good idea- can also be used to identify wires when moving and needing to replug wires back into a computer wen ou set up again at your new location too.