Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Cat Strikes Again

For those readers who have been here since the start of the blog, you may remember the incident with my laptop adapter and my cat. Well my cat has struck again, and this time at my Logitech G330 gaming headset. Besides the fact that I was furious, I now was put in the position to figure out the problem. Do I call Logitech tech support and hope they help, or just go buy a new headset. Seeing as I was still under warranty, I called up Logitech. I went through all the menu prompts, and was connected with a representative fairly quickly. The very first thing I asked, before explaining my problem, was how long was my limited warranty which came with my G330 headset. After a minute of looking, he told me two years. This was good, it meant I could get my replacement and be covered by warranty, which means I wouldn't have to pay. I then proceeded to tell my story that my cat attacked my headset, and that I was hoping the warranty would cover it. No questions asked, he simply said he needed some contact information from me; thus, I provided it for him. At the end of the call he made sure I understood that I would get an email in the next 24 hours with a shipping label. All I had to do is box up the headset and put the shipping label on it. Once shipped, I wouldn't get my new one shipped until they received my package at their plant in Arizona. 

I was very pleased with the overall experience. This is the first time I have ever had to call Logitech tech support for a warranty issue. The process was clean and easy, and the rep was very nice. I am glad that Logitech does such a good job with their customer support, it really helps when you are the end user with a broken item. Now I just have to get the packing label in my email and this process would be great!


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