Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Newer Speedtest

My speedtest
Recently the site Speedtest.net got a slight overhall. The site, which allows you to test the speed of your Internet Provided, has added some new features to make the site better. Starting of is the G.U.I, or Graphical User Interface, which has been completely redone. It looks great and adds a kind of futuristic feel to the site. In addition, there is now the ability for you to test multiple computers under one account. What this means is you can create an account and sign in with it on multiple computer. After signing in, you can test each computer's results and have them grouped so you can compare them. I am not quite sure how this feature is useful to me as of now, but I am sure it will serve some purpose in the future. Next, while speedtesting, the site has improved upon which server it chooses for the test. Prior to the update, I believe the choice was based on the server nearest to your location. Now the site will test on the server which is nearest to your location, but also has the lowest ping. This, in turn, will help yield the best results. Finally, the site has added a new feature known as "Speed Wave". This feature is a competition of sorts, which allows you to test your speed against others throughout the world simultaneously. You can also do this against your friends to see who has the fastest internet. I find this to be one of the coolest additions, and will most likely use it when friends argue over who has the fastest internet.
Overall, it is the same site as before, but with some minor tweaks. The new addition help keep the up to date and give it a new look. Give it a shot, maybe even post your speeds below.


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