Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Plans

The weekend is here and I have some things which I plan on learning. As part of my goal to learn code, I have invested in Xcode 4. For only $5, I get the entire Mac and iPhone SDK to use. Now, I by no means know how to use Xcode,but I will learn. I happen to find a great tutorial which teaches how to program using Objective-C. The tutorial is actually very straight forward. The reason I have found it easier to understand is because of what has taught me. My limited knowledge of python has allowed me to understand Objective-C better. Plus, as long as I take time to try each of the snippets of code, I will understand it better. Hands on always helps when learning a new language. Reading gets you no where.

My plan for this weekend is to learn as much about Objective-C as possible. I will, in the future, apply my knowledge of what I have learned to create something. I say something because I am not exactly sure what I want to create yet. So far I have only worked with code which I can execute in Terminal, meaning there is no user interface yet. I guess that is something which I will learn later on. Much of what I am learning now, although it is only numbers and some other functions, will help me later on. Each small snippet can help make a great program what it is. This is my plan for the weekend, what is yours?


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