Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Installing iPortable Snow

As I mentioned a while back, I decided to put some time into creating an iPortable Snow USB drive. I started off by searching around online and obtaining a copy of iPortable Snow. Then I attempted to create the USB drive by following all the directions provided with the .dmg when mounted. At first I thought I had done everything correctly, but I must have made a mistake along the way because when I booted into the USB drive, it kept shutting down. I asked around on a few forums, and we tried a couple of things, but none of which seemed to work. So I googled "iPortable Snow". I found my way to this youtube video. As I watched it I noticed that I had made a mistake while I was creating the USB drive. With that, I wiped the drive and started new, following everything done in the video. I booted up my hackintosh with the USB drive now ready, and proceeded to try and boot. I got to a blue screen after the introduction screen, but could not get any further. So I went back to the instructions to read what to do. To my luck, there was a fix there. I read it, tried the fix (which was booting verbose and in single user mode), and then let the system boot. Boy was I surprised when it booted. I am still tinkering around with it, trying to get the video drivers to work and what not. For the most part it has worked, but I am trying to get it so I don't have to boot in verbose single user mode each time. I am not quite sure what is wrong, but with each failure comes a learning experience.


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