Saturday, February 12, 2011

Help Refine a Product

Ever wanted to take a video with your kid, but couldn't because someone had to hold the camera? How about video chat with a friend using your iPod, but you can't do other things because you are holding the iPod? Well, there is a product I stumbled across which fixes this. The product, named Satarii Star, is still in production. The product is very simple. It consist of a base and a marker. Where ever the marker goes, within 180°, the base will turn with it. The base holds your phone, ipod, or any other camera. This great design, however, is not yet in production. The company who makes it are a couple of guys. What you see below is just a prototype of the final product. The company needs suggestions on how to improve the product. All those who aid in the process will be given the chance to pre-order the final product before it is released.
Base and Marker
  Satarii can be found on both Facebook and Twitter, along with their official Blog. I personally believe the idea is amazing and should really be developed. However, I would try and slim it down a bit, and probably add a way to move vertically too. For a prototype though, I must say, I didn't know it was a prototype until they said so in the video. In addition, as of eleven hours ago they announced their official spokesperson. It will be none other then Shay Carl, the YouTube video blogger.
  The product will register you as long as you are within 8 meters. You can help donate to the final product, and be one of the first to receive it, by going to Every dollar counts when trying to achieve a goal. To see more on the product, you can watch the video the company put together to show it off. Scroll down to watch.


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