Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ordering a Verizon iPhone

Nice order page Verizon.
  Last night was one heck of a night. As some of you may have heard by now, wait let me rephrase that. As EVERYONE knows by now, Verizon has been given the iPhone 4. Last night, at 3 AM, they went on sale online. Both Apple and Verizon were selling them through their website. However, I ordered through Verizon's website because they are the carrier. In addition, I was due for an upgrade. Apple, however, offered the ability to order online and then pick up in stores from their reserve quantity. That in itself is funny because Verizon and Apple both stated "There will be a limited quantity when the iPhone first launches". Anyway, I got up six hours ago to purchase my new phone. I was up a little before three, and to my surprise the phone was already on sale.
  Now, I was excited for the fact that Verizon was offering a week long deal for free overnight shipping. I even wrote down the code in hopes of being able to use it. Well, it seem neither Apple, nor Verizon, like the iPhone shipped overnight. There was no option given to me when the order was being placed. Not only that, but the discount which the account had was not allowed to be applied. I blame Apple for that. The best part? The ETA on shipping. Nine days from today the phone is going to ship. It won't BE HERE in nine days, it will SHIP in nine days. I guess that is the only down side to ordering online. Well, at least I got the phone. In other news about the phone, my super amazing case that doesn't fit is coming today.

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