Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tune Buddy Review

Recently, I picked up the application Tune Buddy. A simple little app which easily allows you to see what song you are listening to, as well as share the song with friends. The overall design is very nice because the entire application is hidden, for the most part, up in the menu bar. No windows, no fuss, just open it up and it runs in the background. The preferences, seen below, are few in number and easy to operate.
Easy, right?

The great thing about this app is what it supports. Besides showing you what song you are listening to, it also can incorporate Growl. Growl, for those of you who don't know, is a notification application which you can download. By utilizing Growl, Tune Buddy pops up a small notification when ever you start listening to a new song. The notification includes the band name and the name of the song. Tune Buddy also utilizes Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to easily share your favorite tunes with your buddies. After linking your account, you simple go up to the bar, click on the icon, and click "Send to Twitter, or "Send to Facebook". And just like that, it has been shared with your friends! You can customize what is part of the message in the preferences.

See? Send to Twitter.

Lastly, Tune Buddy has built in support for Tune Buddy acts as a "scrobbler" for By that, I mean it takes what you listen to and uploads it to your records; thus, making it easier for to recommend music to you. No need to hassle and try to figure out the scrobbler application, all you need is Tune Buddy!

Simple, and easy to use!

This application also supports Adium chat, allowing you to post the song you are listening to on Adium  so all your buddies can see it. Adium, for those of you who don't know, is a IM Client Application. Lastly, there is the a wonderful option which allows you to copy the name of your song, and its artist, to your clip board. This allows you to paste what you are listening pretty much wherever you would like. I personally think it would be very useful when you are trying to make a list of songs for  party or get together. This is a great application, you can find this application on the Mac Store for $5. In my opinion, the price is the only thing which, I believe, is a set back for this great application. Personally, I would be willing to pay $3 for this application. However, everyone is different in what they would be willing to pay.

Overall: Great application, worth the money
-Supports multiple ways to socially share your music.
-Small and easy to use.
-Does not get in the way of other application, just hides in the background.
-The price tag

Below are five redeemable codes for you, my viewers, courtesy of the developer. This is a first come first server thing, so if you don't get a code I apologize. Make sure to check out the application, I would highly recommend you do.



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