Friday, February 4, 2011

Quest to Obtain an iPhone

I had it all planned yesterday. I was going to try and pre-order my iPhone. How hard could it be? All it required was going online and filling out a form. Plus, from the sound of it they would have plenty in stock. Well, boy was I wrong. I went on late in the afternoon and they were all sold out. I couldn't believe it. So then, when is my next chance to get one? Next Wednesday... at 3:01 AM. That is right, I have to get really early if I want to get a hold of one of these phones before they sell out completely. That, you know, is what will happen. Over all the hype they will sell like wild fire and no one will be able to acquire them. This may not be black friday, but it is one of those products you must really make an effort to get if you want one. If you don't you will miss your chance at one. Most likely they will be "in short quantity". Another one of those great sales statements. That statement makes people go nuts over a product. It is as if the world will end if they don't get one. I am going out of my way to get one because of the unlimited data plan. I want to make sure that I secure a phone with that plan before they take remove that option. Which, as some of you may know, they will be doing. Verizon will be moving to a tiered data plan, so I have to get this unlimited plan. This way, I will be "grandfathered" when they release the new plans. We shall continue this story next Wednesday. Have a good weekend everyone!


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