Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Other Ways to Read .Pages files

A while back I talked about how to read .pages files on a Windows computer. Well, it has come to my attention there is a way you can successfully convert the file with any issues. You can simply use a site called Zamzar. Zamzar allows you to upload files to be converted, and it will then email it to you. This way only works if you have an internet connection, so keep that in mind. Simply go to the site, select your file, choose a file type, type your email in, and then proceed to converting it. It is that easy. If you decide to become an avid user, you can always sign up for Zamzar so you can have an account. However, I just use Zamzar when I need it. Hence I don't have a reason for an account. All that would do is give me another password to memorize, and I don't feel like doing that. So remember, if you ever need to convert a .pages file on the go, you have two option. The great thing about this option is you will be able to actually edit the file, where the other option just lets you view the file.

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