Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And Just Like That Rumors Arise

It hasn't been even a week that I have had my iPhone, and already rumors are surfacing about the next generation of iPhones. The most prominent rumor is there will be an iPhone "Nano". This rumored device is supposedly two thirds the size of the current iPhone, and will retail off contract for $200. This means that on contract, this phone could cost only $100. Other rumors claim that Apple is working on the iPhone 5, but this time there are two different versions. One version could include a slide out keyboard, while the other would be the standard iPhone 5 with slight changes under the hood.
When I was deciding to purchase my iPhone, I took into consideration the fact that I would be behind the curve in just a couple months. What people don't understand is when you deal with Apple, you never own the most current things. Doesn't matter when you buy, you will be phased out in either 6 months or a year. So what do all these rumors mean? Well nothing yet. The rumors don't tend to mean anything until pictures get leaked. An example of this would be the iPad 2. There have been leaked photos of possible cases, along with redesigned speakers and a screen. When those leaks came out, they incorporated everything I knew would be there. It is no surprise to me that the iPad 2 would have a front and back facing camera. The speakers being better, along with a better screen, was also foreseeable.
All this is coming out just months before Apple's next announcement. It will be interesting to see what actually comes out. Keep an eye out for any more rumors!


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