Friday, February 11, 2011

Amazing First Impression

Above: Universal Top from Mophie
  My on going battle with my Mophie case has come to an end. After purchasing it a week ago, the issue of the case not fitting my new iPhone has been resolved. You may be wondering, how did I resolve this problem? Did I put a blow torch to the case and melt the plastic into place? Did I take a drill and shave away the plastic for extra space? Well, luckily I did none of the things listed, which is good because I have no idea how to do either of those things. Plus, I don't own a blow torch. Anyway, after I wrote the article "I Should Have Seen This Coming", a comment was posted on the article a day later. The comment, as you can see, was from a technical support agent at Mophie. As you can see from the comment, he sent me an email. I promptly checked my email to see what he had said. When I read the email, I was surprised beyond belief at what it said. The email stated that if I filled out a product support form on Mophies website, they could send me a replacement top to the case so it would fit with my new iPhone. It turns out, as I had guessed, Mophie is making a universal top for the case. This top will be compatible with both the iPhone on Verizon, and the one on AT&T. Well! I could not wait for this opportunity to pass! I did exactly what the email stated. I filled out the form, described my problem, and politely asked if they would be willing to ship me a new top. As of yesterday morning, I have received an email stating that I am now on the mailing list for a new top!
This just goes to show that Mophie has amazing product support. They went out of their way to assist me with the problem I was having. This has made an amazing first impression on me. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be recommending this case to everyone I know. In addition, I will tell them about the amazing product support that was given to me when I had my issue. Thank Mohpie!


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