Monday, February 28, 2011

Nice Security Google

Yesterday I went to log onto my Google account, only to find out there was a security measure stopping me. Google had "detected" an unusual account access from another state. I was pretty impressed at first, until I realized the unusual account access was me. I had been in another state two weeks ago and had accessed my emails from there. Because I almost always access from my home state, Google thought it was unusual because it did not match up. Too explain it a little better, if you access your account 100 times from Texas, and then go to Florida and access it once, Google wil think there is a person attempting to access your account illegally. What was nice was the fact that it asked me to verify myself. All I had to do was put in a phone number, wait for them to call, and then enter a verification code. After that, Google will request that you change your password. The system is really well done in my opinion, however I believe it took too long to figure out there may have been an issue. It was two weeks ago I accessed my account from another state, and only now am I getting a notification. If this were a real situation where someone did get into my account, I would be doomed by now. Security is good, but only when it works. I thank Google for attempting to solve the issue, even though there never was one.


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