Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Search Yielded Nothing

After searching through every electronics store, my friend and I could not find him a good case. Radioshack, Apple, even Verizon didn't have an inexpensive case for his price range. This is just plain stupid in my opinion. If someone shells out $200 for a phone, the company should at least provide them with cases for any price range. My friend decided, after all this searching, that he will just go with the Ballistics case he wanted originally. The only issue is he may have to wait a few weeks for that to release. Plus, he doesn't want to carry his phone with him now because he has no case. I can't let him not use his phone for weeks on end. As I type this, I am currently looking for a DIY solution (do it yourself). Maybe, if we can make a simple case that will protect his phone temporarily, then he can use it.

Well, no matter what we find, we are sure to have something to use. Worst comes to worst we will actually have to wait the two weeks for the Ballistics case. Still, makes me angry beyond belief there is no cheap solution. Once again, if you know of a cheap case we can pick up in stores, please post a comment about it!


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