Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Friend Needs a Case

  At the moment I am stumped. I know someone who also just received the Verizon iPhone, but he needs a case. He insist he won't use the phone until he gets one out of fear of dropping the phone. I don't blame him, I probably would do the same. However, here is the issue. The cost of just a cheap plastic case is $30, and he refuses to pay that much for plastic. He has been eyeing the cases made by Ballistic, but they are not yet for sale. So now he has now run into an issue. What is a cheap case he can pick up in stores which will protect his phone until Ballistics starts to ship? The important thing is that it encompasses the entire phone. His price point, if he were to get a case at the moment, is $10. He doesn't want to spend a lot because what ever case he picks up will be a temporary one. So I ask you, my readers, if you can suggest any good, durable, and cheap, cases. If you have a suggestion, please leave a comment below.


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