Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Open Pages Documents on Windows

If you go between a Mac and a PC, you may find yourself with a constant problem of reading text documents. If you use the word processing program Pages on the Mac, then saving documents as ".pages" is not going to work. Although you can export to a word document, what happens in the even that you forget and find yourself with only a pages document? I had this issue yesterday and found a very nifty solution. If you ever end up with a .pages document on a Windows computer, don't fret. First thing you have to do is locate the document, mine happened to be in my Downloads folder. Next, right click on the document and in the menu that appears click "Rename". Now, change the ending from ".pages" to ".zip". A box will come up asking you if you're sure you want to do that, click "yes". You will see the document change into a folder with a zipper on it, now all you have to do is double click on it. The file will then unzip, and you will see two files and a folder, double click on the folder named "QuickLook". It will look something like this:
Yeh I used a Mac for the picture, sssshhh! Don't tell!
Inside the folder you will see two more documents, one will be named "Thumbnail.jpg" and the other named "Preview.pdf". Open the Preview.pdf and there is your document! You can now print it with no problem!



  1. Thanks! This saved me as I was unable to open a .pages file and I needed to convert it for the pastor at a funeral.

  2. INSANE INTUITION!!! wow my friend i don't know how you though of this one but it just saved me at 1 AM here on my home PC needing to view a pages file... Many many thanks!!!