Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My iPhone Has Arrived

 After almost a week long wait, my iPhone has finally come. There was so much that went into getting this phone, is hard to explain the exuberance I felt when it finally arrived. Out of the box, the phone was very simple to setup. All I was required to do was plug it into iTunes. The phone then activated and connected to the network. My only gripe with that was my family had ordered two phones, and neither of them were labeled. I ended up activating the other phone by accident instead of activating my own. After your phone connects to the network, you fill out a registration form, accept the terms and condition, and then proceed syncing your device. Syncing my device took quite a while because of the amount of apps I had. After the first sync I went through and organized my Apps into folders. This first organization was preliminary, as I plan on going through again and make the categories even more specific. This will help me in the long run when it comes to finding games.
This phone is one that is easy to use, but hard to master. One of my favorite discoveries while going through the settings was the "Simple Passcode" option. I guess my old iPod Touch did not support this option.
Above: The option "Simple Passcode" has been turned off.
  Most people don't know this option exist. I brought this up because many people keep the simple passcode on, and this makes it easier for people to guess your lock code. If you keep it off, you can make a nice long password. 
  Another thing I did while I was setting up my phone is I connected to the wireless I have at my house. This allows me to use my faster internet, instead of using Verizon's 3G service. This helps save you bandwidth on your phone plan. There have been incident with other users, in which they went over 2 GB of downloads and Verizon cut their bandwidth. Essentially, to keep the network fast, Verizon will slow you down the next month if you go over 2 GB in one month. It is smart, but still annoying for the end user.
  One of the interesting things about iOS which I noticed is every application you open automatically goes into multitasking. Although many would say this is a good thing, I would disagree. The multitasking kills battery life if you have too many applications open. There are people out there who tend to not track their multitasking, and have their batteries get drained fairly fast. Because of this I am constantly closing applications which are multitasking. It is not a huge deal, but it is just an extra step that must be taken to ensure maximum usage comes from this phone. 
iOS Multitasking
  There are so many things left for me to explore on, and with, this phone. I have been behind the curve with the iOS system every since they dropped support for the 1st generation iPod Touch. Now I have the most recent system, and I am slightly overwhelmed. Things like Game Center are a big addition, it is like Xbox Live for iPhone, only you don't have to pay for playing online. There are also many newer games which I can now play because they are supported by this device. All of this is very exciting and I plan on playing around with it a lot in the years to come.



  1. Congratulations Dave. Can't wait to learn about your discoveries on your new IPhone

  2. The way Apple has designed the multitasking actually makes apps that are 'running' in the background take virtually no battery life or slow down the device.

  3. Is that so? I guess only time will tell. If that is true, that would be very nice. Thanks for the information!