Monday, December 27, 2010

When it Doesn't Work...Make it Work

At the moment I am writing this, there is a ton of snow outside. Yesterday we got quite a heck of a storm, so bad that when I went outside to work it was almost impossible to see. Knowing the storm was coming I spent some time in the morning trying to get my snow blower started. I kept trying the electric starter, however I burnt it out. How did I pull that off? By not reading the instructions. First lesson learned again and again, always read the instructions. So I gave it a break until the afternoon. There was quite a bit of snow and I had to get a move on it. So I went down and read the instructions on how to start in manually. It said to open the clutch, prime it, close the clutch, and start. My problem was that the primer button had dried out and had fallen off. So how do I prime it. It took me some thinking to figure this out. I needed something that could push air into the system. Then it came to me. I could use a bicycle pump! So I went and got on of my bike pumps and put the nozzle to where the primer button was. I opened the nozzle head so more air could get it, then pumped two or three times. I then gave it a couple of tugs on the starter and in seconds the machine came to life. I was so excited at this moment because I didn't think it would actually work. I though I would be stuck with a broken snow blower during this horrible storm. The second lesson I learned, never give up and always look for another way. There is almost always another way.


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