Saturday, December 11, 2010

Want to try Chrome OS?

I do. I signed up for the Chrome OS testing program, where they send you a computer to test it out with. However, I haven't been accepted into that so there must be another way! Turns out there is. Google has their source code online, but you have to compile it if you want to test. I don't know how to compile, so I searched for one that was already compiled. I found Hexxeh. Hexxeh is a site that compiled the chrome OS and packaged it so you can download it. The catch is you can only install it on a USB drive, or in Virtual Box. Virtual Box is an application that allows you to run other operating systems in a window. The reason you can't burn it to a disk and install to a hard drive is because Chrome OS does not support hard drive. Google wants their OS to be razor fast, and thus they want solid state drive only. It makes total sense, but they are really zeroing out a huge market. My goal this weekend is to install Chrome OS on a USB drive and run it. I just have to get a USB drive. What is your weekend goal?


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