Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It May Look Official, But It Is Not

I recently received an email that looked like it was from Steam Support; however, it was in french. The email it came from was, which sounds pretty legit right? However, when I put the message through Google Translate, it really put me one my toes. The message claimed my brothers account had been logged into on many computers with failed attempts, they wanted me to log in with the link provided to make sure the account was safe. So, just for the heck of it, I clicked on the link (for future reference, NEVER DO THAT). It took me to what looked just like Steam, but in French and the url was NOT I immediately closed the window because I knew that it was a scam. I then proceeded to take the information I had gathered and set up open up a chat with Steam Support. I gave them all the information and asked if this was a scam, even though I had a hunch that it was. I got an email this morning from Steam Support, and as I had guessed, it was a scam. Steam will never ask you for your password, and the email at which they will contact you will be It was a scam, and now I know for next time. Good thing I didn't give any information!


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