Sunday, December 12, 2010

Running Chrome OS

As stated yesterday, my weekend mission was to try Chrome OS. After picking up a USB drive, 4 GB, I went and downloaded the Flow Build from I then followed the instructions there on how to put it on a USB drive. When I was done, I popped it out and put it on my desktop hackintosh to see how it ran. At first it didn't work, then I set my desktop to boot from USB HDD and it worked! After playing around with it a little, I found Flow to be lacking since it is a little outdated. I went back to Hexxeh's website and downloaded the Vanilla build. Although it was newer, I currently can't test this build on my desktop because it won't boot. At this moment I am running the Vanilla build on my Macbook with no issues other then no wifi. If you have been following my twitter feed, you may have noticed I did contact Hexxeh about the problem. I am currently waiting for a response. As a side note, I wrote this update while running in Chrome OS.


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