Thursday, December 2, 2010

Easeus Todo Backup

Recently I picked up a new hard drive to replace my old Windows hard drive. The problem that confronted me immediately was how to get all my information from the old drive to the new one. I had settings on there I didn't want to change again, many games installed, and a few applications. I asked a friend of mine about it and he recommended I use Easeus Todo Backup. This application can back-up, restore, or clone hard drives. Cloning is exactly what I needed. I installed the program and ran the cloning option. I selected my current drive as the "Source Drive", the one where the information was being taken from. Then, I selected my new 1 TB Wester Digital drive as my "Target Drive", the one where the information was being sent to. I started at about 7:50 PM last night, but I am not quite sure when it finished because I went to sleep and left my computer running. To give you an idea, it was about 30% total completion by 10:30 PM. After copying my information, I booted into the new drive. My second problem was that my new drive was only formatted to read 149 GB in total, since that was the max size of the old drive. To fix this, I went into the Control Panel, and selected "Administrative Tools". Next, I selected "Computer Hardware" and in the new window selected "Storage" from the side bar. It then listed for me all of the hard drives in my computer. I found my 1TB drive, which showed 149 GB formatted and about 780 GB free space. I clicked on the section that was formatted for 149 GB and then right clicked. In the new menu that appeared I selected "Extend Partition". It asked how much I wished to extend, and I choose the maximum amount and clicked "OK". Now my drive is all setup. The only error I had after that was my GTA IV install asked me to use my product key again. I am in the midsts of dealing with that.


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