Friday, December 3, 2010

Why I Hate Product Keys

Mentioned in yesterday's post, was the fact that I was having a small issue with Grand Theft Auto's product key. It was not that it wasn't working, but more or less the fact that I had revoked it on one computer and activated it on another. This left me with one use remaining when in reality I should have had two. So, like any good paying customer, I went to the games support page. I sent out an email about how I had revoked the key and would like my product key to have a token added to it. I got a prompt response from someone who had no idea what I was talking about. Having read this, I called up the support line for the game and got on the phone with someone in less then 2 minutes. That impressed me. Anyway, I get on the phone and start explaining to the guy what happened. He told me I had to go to another company that makes the product keys for them. So I head over to the other companies website and send them an email. Within minutes I get an automated response to please check their FAQ before sending an email, so I did. In their FAQ they stated they could not add tokens to Product Keys. At this point I am pretty mad. I call up the maker of the game and explain my situation so far, and even mention that I got the game as a digital download. And of course, that made all the difference. I was then told that if you digitally download a game, some sites provide their own product key. I said thank you, hung up, and moved on. I proceeded to checking my email and acquiring the number for the digital distributer which I had purchased from. I called them up, and after a five minute wait or so, was connected with the support worker. I explained my whole situation in the best English I could due to the fact that she did not have perfect English. She then clarified with me that she understood, and proceeded to tell me that the company can not hand out new sets of game keys until the old set expired. So after hours of running between support services, I got my answer. I have to run out of activations on one key, then call up the people I bought from and have them get me a new key. This is why I hate product activation keys.


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